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Addict Me

No one WANTS to be an addict. They don’t wake up one day and think, “Gee, I think today is a good day to become an addict.”

What if we could step in one minute before this choice is made and change the choice?

Let’s imagine there is a butler… he is dressed in the traditional long tailed black suit, white gloves, and a bow tie. Let’s make him English; which to us Americans means he is formal, proper, and regal.

He stands in the courtyard of a massive estate holding out a silver platter... to you. On that platter is a choice. It is shaped like a pill. He says, "This pill will take away all your pain; it will help you sleep better, it will make you feel invincible, it will make you feel attractive, and it will help you cope."

You stare at the silver platter, “Wow, that sounds great. That sounds better than hurting, than dealing with the trauma of life, than sleepless nights, being invisible, and feeling so weak.”

You reach for the pill and the butler holds up his hand. “Wait,” he says. “To take this pill you must first agree to give me a few things.

You step back, your eyes fixed on the pill. “What things?” You ask.

He holds the tray closer and whispers, “I ask for your teeth, give me your teeth. I ask for your youth, give me your youth. I ask for your children, give me your children. I ask for your spouse, give me your spouse. I ask for your friends, give me your friends. I ask for your job, give me your job. I ask for your money, give me your money. I ask for your sex, give me your sex. I ask for your home, give me your home. I ask for your dignity, give me your dignity. I ask for your mind, give me your mind. I ask for your freedom, give me your freedom.”

You stand, horrified, “But that is everything, everything I have, everything I am, everything I choose.”

The butler calmly holds out the tray, “The price of numbing, is the price of everything.”

If addiction was presented to you like this, you would have run. You would have fought for yourself. You would have taken another path… But it wasn’t presented to you this way.

No, instead it was, “fun, normal, a right of passage, a way to make it through the day, a way to forget, a way to succeed, a way to be accepted, a way to have great sex, a way to relax, a way to escape, a way to help you sleep, something your trusted mentor did, your girlfriend did, your boyfriend did, your parents did… it was not a 'big' deal.”

For the last 15 years, I have spent my life helping people from all walks, all races, all educations… CRAWL out of addiction.

How? Well, they decided they were done. They decided enough was enough. They fought like their lives depended on it and with the GRACE of Jesus crawled out.

I took this picture of myself after I lost a client to an overdose. I wanted to remember how it felt to bury a mother of three. I wanted to remember who I was fighting for... she was the first of dozens so far.

Grace is not acceptance of our mistakes. Let me say that again. Grace is NOT the acceptance of our mistakes but instead the acknowledgement that there is something GREATER than your mistakes that exists:

The love of Jesus Christ. Grace given changes lives.

Anyone who is touched by grace (not enabling, minimizing, denial, ignoring, or other unhealthy ways of acceptance) but true grace or pardon… is free.

Have you ever been here? Made choices without thinking about the exchange? You are worth it.

I preach to you… GRACE! There is a way out. Your freedom has a name, your pardon has a name, your Savior has a name: JESUS.

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