• Cheri Beavers


I will fail you.

It is inevitable.

I want to warn you that I am a very poor substitute for Jesus. If you want me to rescue you, to be ever-present, to have a perpetual smile, to have a perfect marriage, a spotless home, to re-create Pinterest and Instagram successes, to answer the phone every time you call… then I am not the friend you are looking for.

God does not raise up church leadership to fulfill your needs.

God raises up church leadership to point you to Jesus.

I am here to be an example of failure and grace. I am here to be vulnerable and teachable. I am here to be grasping at the robe of Jesus along with you.

I have learned that my most valuable skill is listening. In listening, I have found that people are often looking for rescue.

We each seek relationship that will fit our needs in one sense or another. There is nothing wrong with wanting your needs met. God created you with the desire for relationship. However, the only relationship that can meet our needs is with our Creator. Everything and everyone else will fall short.

The church cannot save you. Your pastor cannot save you. I cannot save you.

If you are looking for healing, good. I am also looking for healing. I want to trust God’s work within His people. Unmet expectations need to be given to Jesus.

It’s time to reset our expectations of church (of you and me).

Expect everything from Jesus. Expect the church to be broken, vulnerable, and searching. Remember, it is the glory of God to pour out His grace.

Let’s look for Jesus together. He is easily found.

“Seek Me, and you will find Me; if you seek me with all of your heart.”

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