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Have you ever driven the wrong way?

This afternoon, I fell asleep in the passenger seat as we drove down the freeway. Sometime later, I woke up to a semi-truck coming at us head-on at 60 miles an hour.

My life passed before my eyes and I saw… Jesus.

Jesus was there when I was born as the product of a one-night stand, poor and powerless to write a better story for myself. Jesus was there as I went into foster care; an unclaimed child.

He was there when I stood screaming at the top of my lungs each time my new mom tried to leave the room. Jesus was there as the Judge signed the papers and made my new home official. Jesus was there when I searched for my identity as a child... Jesus was there as consistent love was lived out in my church community and my home. Jesus was there as my purpose and identity was eternally secured.

Jesus was there to show me what hope and wholeness was as He restored the years the locust had eaten. Jesus was there when I questioned my faith, and there when I realized that He had overcome, and there when I got baptized.

Jesus was there as darkness fell and trauma boldly entered back into my life; a familiar face. Jesus was there as I failed to pick up the pieces.

Jesus was there when I finished college, got married, and began the journey of adulthood. Jesus was there when I suffered a miscarriage, buried a friend, and was nearly wrecked by the church.

Jesus was there when my precious Mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer, “It’s going to be alright. God is with us honey. We are not fair-weather friends to God.” Jesus was there as I sat emptied, “I always thought you would be here when my hair turns gray…” Jesus was there as my Mom sweetly answered, “Jesus knows.”

Jesus was there when the calling to church plant in Tacoma came. When we sat without words as the weight of the work fell upon us; Jesus was there.

Jesus was there when we realized that our hearts would be broken over and over again by His people. Jesus was there when we realized we would be deeply and faithfully loved by His people.

When there was nothing left, when I read the saddest of news, the most critical of words, and was certain that I couldn’t take another blow… Jesus was there.

It took me a minute to process this afternoon but I realized that the semi- truck that appeared to be coming at me was just being towed. As my perception changed, my understanding changed. I was never in danger; Jesus was there.

Jesus is the Author and Finisher of our faith. We can walk in certainty that the mountains in front of us will be laid bare.

Carry on church, the victory is yours because Jesus is there.

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