Jesus said that, "whatever you do unto the least of these, you do unto Me." There are people in our communities who are truly broken by addiction, loneliness, depression, grief, painful circumstances, mental illness, disability, and other heavy life burdens.  We are called to love each person as Jesus loved us.  The hope of God through the revelation of Jesus Christ is available to anyone who will call upon the name of Jesus.  We are here to offer Jesus' love to anyone who will receive it.  Our prayer is that by serving in our community each month, lives will be transformed.  

At Gathering Stones Calvary Chapel we engage in monthly ministry for our community.  We believe that children are called to serve alongside their parents in age appropriate settings.  Our community ministry allows families to serve together as we reach the community for Jesus.  Serving is an important habit to develop as it brings relational discipleship and spiritual growth. Here is a sampling of God's ministry: 


Our street ministry consists of adults who go to the streets of Tacoma to offer practical resources, essentials. prayer, and friendship to people living on the streets.  


We are a group of Christian women who seek to love and reach women who are exploited by the sex industry in our communities.  Our goal is to form relationships, offer practical help, and spiritual hope to women working as bikini baristas, strippers, prostitutes, and in other exploitative industries.


Tacoma Youth for Christ is an urban ministry that reaches the youth in Tacoma.  We enjoy coming alongside their ministry by serving and prepping food, discipling, and establishing friendships with the youth in our city.  We believe that by investing in the next generation we will help shape their futures for the better.  You can help by serving alongside of us! 


Pastor Dwayne purposely moved his family into a low income neighborhood so that they could minister to people in need.  We have done trash pick up, brought non-perishable food, beds, clothing, school supplies, and other needs to the families in need in our poorest neighborhoods.  We meet regularly to establish relationships and share the love of Jesus with the parents and children by providing for their practical needs.  There have been many sweet moments shared over pizza and bread sticks.  This is another ongoing ministry and children of all ages are welcome to join us.  We have seen the Lord heal racial division, cultural differences, alcoholism, hopelessness, loneliness, and other difficult circumstances. 


Several times a year we make visits to local assisted and independent living facilities.  We have done nails, played cards, sung Christmas Carols, given out ornaments, wreaths, cookies, prayers, and other activities.  Visiting widows is important to Jesus and He gave us direct instructions to do so.  These times of fellowship are precious to us and it is a great way for the entire family to participate.  


Jesus has given us a heart for serving the homeless in our community!  We regularly serve at the men's, women's, and family shelters in Tacoma.  We enjoy prepping and serving meals, handing out essentials, offering Case Management, establishing relationships, and praying for these people who are in transition.  This is another great way to equip your children to serve those in need.  Jesus is faithful to use practical ministry to grow faith. 


We partner with FISH food bank by donating food, volunteering, and building relationships with families in need.  Jesus was often found eating with people and feeding them.  He provided food on numerous occasions to people who needed practical help.  We believe that in following His example, it is a tool to change lives.  We welcome church members to volunteer in this wonderful ministry.  


One way to impact the community around us is by serving our neighbors.  Habitat for Humanity has local home build projects going on for families who could not otherwise afford a home.  We gather our church volunteers and head out quarterly to participate in building homes in our Tacoma neighborhoods.  This ministry is for people 18 years and older.  You don't have to have any building experience to participate.  Can you lift a hammer?  That is enough to help.  To find our about our next build date, please email us!